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My status You can also contact RET (the lead developer) via Skype. A picture tells a thousand words, and Skype's screen-sharing feature is a great way to get "watching over your shoulder" support or advice regarding the system. Don't forget to refer to OurCarClub in your contact request.
OurCarClub is a web-based data management application, built specifically for car clubs and their volunteer officials.
Written and developed by people with many years of involvement in the historic car movement, it is a purpose-built solution for issues shared by all car clubs:
  • Keeping membership, postal and email address lists current
  • Ensuring your members receive timely communication
If you would like to try out the OurCarClub system, please let us know your club and a few other details, and we'll be in touch shortly.
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Download the User Manual

The Manual contains step-by-step instructions on using OurCarClub, along with examples. It covers basic usage, mailing lists, member management as well as advanced topics like event management, reports and granting access to other members. Download the latest version. (PDF, 4.8MB)